Anjnesh KanojiyaAK asked 3 years ago

1.Form18 (in case of procedure of transfer of G/W) when it should be filed after approval from ICAI or after Application ?
2. In clause 5 : can employee of CA Firm can secure or get work from outside for the CA Firm ?
3. CA in practice can do partnership with persons having prescribed qualifications ?

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 3 years ago

1. Form 18 should be sent to icai only after taking permission for transfer of goodwill.
2. yes as per clause 5, partners and employees can go and give presentations and talk to prospective clients as they get call from them. so yes employees can represent firm and bring work from outside.
3. partnership can be done with people who are members of prescribed professional body AND having qualifications. there is little controversy in it. i and i have seen many authors support partnership with members only. you can read following artice–26881.asp

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