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Sandeep AhujaSandeep Ahuja asked 1 year ago

What is difference between write up and roving circular. Can Write up be typed not written ? While roving circular indicating name of PF, partners, etc. is not allowed but suppose Suppose CA firm TYPES WRITE UP and distributes all info allowed in write up in the nearby market. Is it allowed ?

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

write-up has many conditions
font size should not exceed 14
only prescribed information should be given
MRN / FRN mandatory 
and many other
if all conditions are satisfied then its write-up
and advertising through write-up is allowed
roving inquiry circular is old concept 
write-up is a relatively new concept
if any one can prove it has made write-up, he can post it to anyone he wants, on any medium

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