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Mohit Fulwani asked 1 year ago

Sir i am appearing For November 2021 exams,
Currently i am studying from Following material,
1) All chapters of  Study material Part 1 – From S.M. and Questions Banks,
2) For 2nd and Third module i am referring Bhaskar notes, Additional Questions in test your knowledge portion given in study material and go through once Bhaskar questions.,
3) All remaining SAs From Bhaskar and Also from go through once all questions.
But after seeing July,2021 paper i doubting,
So please guide me if i will need to change this strategy,
And further i also want to cover Company audit from your notes and want your lectures on the same topic so please guide on same matter also.

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

we will be uploading analysis video today evening on youtube that will be helpful

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