Shubham MangalShubham asked 2 years ago

you have given eg of debtors and provision for doubtful debts are netted and shown at one place. but Schedule 3 of Companies Act 2013 mentions that “Allowance for bad and doubtful debts shall be disclosed under the relevant heads separately.” What to do :[

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Auditaudit Staff answered 1 year ago

Point d of which question. for sure debtors and provision for doubtful debts are netted off. but schedule iii says disclose details also. how much was debtors and how much was provision for doubtful debts, just dont give net amount it should be as follows Debtors 1,00,000 (-)PDD (20,000)             80,000 Sch III is emphasising on giving details also apart from netting off

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