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Gourav AroraGourav Arora asked 3 years ago

Question: A qualified CA whose name has been entered into Registers of members but that person has not applied for COP.Case 1)That person is hired by Hdfc mutual fund and now rendering Portfolio management services. And Equity research services.Case2) That person has opened his own office & start giving the services of PMS and equity research.Case 3) Obtained COP and now giving services of PMS and equity research.Please clarify each case with reference to clause/regulations/ section. * PMS : Portfolio management services

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 3 years ago

Hello Gaurav 
PMS is excluded from management consultancy services , that simply means practicing ca cannot give it and non practicing ca can do it.
Case 1 and 2, he is not practicing so whether he is doing PMS as employee or as own venture doesn’t matter.
Ok no case 3, as he has obtained cop he cannot give PMS services so he will be guilty of professional misconduct.

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