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Niket gorNiket gor asked 1 year ago

Sir i have doubt in peer review process,
In that as per new FADU chart book PU unit will select 1 of the 3 reviewer and intimate PRB in “7 days” 
And in may 2021 amendment lecture and revised charts in param there is showing amendment in such days that within “10 days” will intimate to PRB by PU.
In module there is contradiction,
At page 17.14 there is 7 days mantion and at 17.20 10 days mention
Whether there is amendment or not.?? Which days are correct ???

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

Confusion over number of days, reviewer has, to intimate board about acceptance, resolved. ICAI study material itself give 2 different days. Check out.  

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