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Saiyed ShadSaiyed Shad asked 1 year ago

1) Clause 2 of P-3 of 1st Sch. (not being a fellow acts as a fellow i.e. FCA), so here can a person disclose himself as a ACA?

2) Clause 7 of P-1 of 1st Sch. Whether member can disclose their photos through QR code on visiting cards?

3) Can you kindly explain Mgmt Consultancy Services with example?

4) Clause 6 of P-1 of 1st Sch whether disclosure of firms name in movie or any series amounts to advt.?

4 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

if ACA describes himself FCA when he is not, it will be considered as misconduct

RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

no, only information which is allowed on visiting card can be incorporated through QR code, photo is not allowed

RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

there is whole list of MCS, see our PE lectures which are available to everyone
see this link it will start with explanation

RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

name of ca firm can be given in movie or tv credits
just ensure that it is not shown differently from other entries in credits

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