jainam nalin deliwala asked 1 month ago

Sir in Param CNO 754  last line of Question says  gave clean report without examining Accounts , Sir then  Clause 2 part 1 of second schedule should get attracted!! since certificate without  examination. But its not mention in ans .
In ans clause 7 of part 1 of seoond schedule & part iv of first schedule mentioned

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 month ago

There s material misstatement in financial statement and auditor was aware about it — clause 6 is most relevant but icai referred clause 7 regarding negligence, so mention 7 and then refer clause 6 also   , such advisory bring disrepute to icai hence clause 2 of other misconduct
clause 2 of part 1 second schedule is rarely applicable to any case  

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