Harsh JaroliHarsh Jaroli asked 1 month ago

Sir why project financing & long term loan is not considered as in category of fund raising services??
Sir in practical life also many CA firms is doing project fund raising services & charging fees on certain percentage of amount raised!!
I also read your answer on this topic to Abhishek!!
But sir I am confused now… What to write in exam now?? 

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RaviRavi Staff answered 1 month ago

i had long discussion with audit team of BOS, i also strongly feel it is part of fundraising but BOS says words used are “Certain Fundraising Services” and now what is this “certain” services need to be listed out by ICAI but they have not done it yet even after 6 years of regulation amendment. They say till the time ICAI issues list we will assume no services are allowed. I had view that icai doesn’t define lets take general meaning but they said “No”.
till the time icai clarifies nothing will come under in it

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