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Mohammed Reza MukadamMohammed Reza Mukadam asked 1 year ago

Sir can u please explain mcq NBFC.6 , I am not able to understand how criteria is met, as I feel it’s not met

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

1st of all RBI has not defined financial asset, so we will have to take definition as per relevant AS / Ind AS will include trade receivables, loans receivable, cash, banks balance etc
2nd it is easy to identify financial income, interest income, commission income related to financing or investing activity etc
now in given case financial assets = 199 / 298 x 100 = 66.77%
and financial income = 60 / 99.50 x 100 = 60.30 %
50-50 criteria satisfied
its a NBFC
they cannot give savings account service (demand deposit)  

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