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Current Investments
(i) Current investments shall be classified as:
(a) Investments in Equity Instruments;
(b) Investment in Preference Shares;
(c) Investments in Government or trust securities;
(d) Investments in debentures or bonds;
(e) Investments in Mutual Funds;
(f) Investments in partnership firms;
(g) Other investments (specify nature).
Under each classification, details shall be given of names of the bodies corporate [indicating separately whether such bodies are: (i) subsidiaries, (ii) associates, (iii) joint ventures, or (iv) controlled special purpose entities] in whom investments have been made and the nature and extent of the investment so made in each such body corporate (showing separately investments which are partly paid). In regard to investments in the capital of partnership firms, the names of the firms (with the names of all their partners, total capital and the shares of each partner) shall be given.
(ii) The following shall also be disclosed:
(a) The basis of valuation of individual investments;
(b) Aggregate amount of quoted investments and market value thereof;
(c) Aggregate amount of unquoted investments;
(d) Aggregate provision made for diminution in value of investments.

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