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This year you were included in the audit team with portfolio of few not-for- profits organisations. MJ Hospital was one such non-for-profit organisation with the year end 31 March 2018. MJ Hospital was government funded organisation and was obliged to deliver value for money. As a result, you were aware that many of the internal controls in MJ Hospital will be focused on providing the best service possible at the lowest Which of the following controls may not be implemented by MJ Hospital?

  1. Time card clocking in to ensure that the employees including resident doctors are only paid for those hours worked
  2. Strict controls over the authorisation of overtime to ensure it is only worked where really needed
  3. There are any restrictions imposed by the objectives and powers given by hospital’s governing documents
  4. A recognised plan of the organisation’s structure clearly showing the areas of responsibility and lines of authority and

Sir in this QUESTION 3 & 4 both seems to be correct.

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RaviRavi Staff answered 8 months ago

we have to reduce cost and give best services
4 / d will lead to cost reduction and better service
3 / c  is for checking legal compliance has nothing to do with cost reduction 
hance  3 / c is the answer — question asks not a procedure to be implemented 

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