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Madhusudan Bhoraniya asked 1 year ago

Sir, After solving May 21 RTP & MTP MCQs , I am feeling demotivated because of such tricky and complicated  MCQs. So sir how can I boost my self in MCQs. 

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

in life you will always have 2 choices

get frightened, get intimidated, run away, cry, hide … etc

second choice is accept it was tough, be brave be confident what skills & knowledge you have, fight and give your best without
second thought, KARMA / EFFORTS / ACTION is in your hands, keep giving best every day, keep improving everyday, result is always a by product, effort is should be main focus

and just think about it, how good it is to face such MCQs before exams rather than in exams further if its on totally new concept why you are blaming yourself, icai will always have few questions like this

and if its tough for you it will be tough for lakhs of others, now just give your best to come in that passing range, and how good if you see similar MCQ in exams

there are many positives, if you are willing to fight

solve icai booklet and have fait on yourself

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