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Sourabh MittalSourabh Mittal asked 12 months ago

pls provide reason for the answer. As my both answers got incorrect. (question is taken from Ravi Sir MCQ book latest edition)

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 12 months ago

As per SA 600 Principal Auditor has right to discuss audit procedures, Ask for summary of audit procedures or to send Questionnaire & get details of audit or to visit branch. So Mr Ajay is absolutely correct as per SA 600. Answer is “a”
It is the requirement of SA 610 that before taking Direct Assistance, two agreements should be obtained one agreement should be with Management & other agreement should be with Internal Auditor, It is the basic requirement.  So Answer is “c” (both a & b)    Both the MCQ’s focused on simple requirement of SA 600 & SA 610 we think you should work on the basics, go through our FADU chart Book & make your concepts Strong.
-Team AG

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