Last year Auditor gives unmodified opinion in FST of C Ltd. But C Ltd. Is of view that last year Auditor is not conducted Audit properly therefore in current year C Ltd. Appoint Current year Auditor to present comparative FST. Current year Auditor found that C Ltd. has undercharged the wages of RS. 10 lakhs during the last year result in overstatement of profits. What are the further procedure by current year Auditor…… In this case it should be treated as misstatement of last year and found in current year to Misstatement wale me Jo reporting method Diya hua hai wahi explain karna chahiye that if resolve then clean + emp otherwise qualify as per respective approach….. But answer me normal procedure likha hua hai???

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Ravi Staff September 24, 2018

Its May 15 RTP question 
You can explain as we discussed in lecture —  you answer will be in much more detail and cover points given in existing answer — further answer as per corresponding figures approach only unless question asks fr comparative approach


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