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Yes, a member in practice is permitted to have his name published in the telephone directory subject to certain conditions. Para (c) under Clause (6) of Part I of the First Schedule to the Chartered Accountants Act,1949 appearing in the Code of Ethics, 2009 provides for publication of Name or Firm Name by Chartered Accountants in the Telephone or other Directories published by Telephone Authorities or Private Bodies. The Council has held that it would not be proper for a Chartered Accountant to have entries made in a Telephone Directory either by making a special request or by means of an additional payment. The Council has also considered the question of permitting entries in respect of chartered accountants and their firms under specified groups in telephone/trade directories brought out by Government and non-Government agencies. It has decided to permit such entries subject to the following restrictions:
1. The entry should appear in the section/category of “Chartered Accountants“.
2. The member/firm should belong to the town/city in respect of which the directory is being published. 3. The entry should be in normal type of letters. Entry in bolder type or abnormal type of letters or in a box is not permissible.
4. The order of the entries should be alphabetical and logical.
5. The entry should not appear in a manner giving the impression of publicity/ advertisement. Entry should not be given in a manner which gives prominence to it as compared to other entries.
6. The payment, if any, for the entry should not be unreasonable.
7. The entries should not be restricted and should be open to all the chartered accountants/firms of chartered accountants in the particular city/town in respect whereof the directory is published.
8. Subject to the above conditions, the members can also include their names in trade directories which are published and/or otherwise available such as electronic media e.g. Internet, telephone services like “Ask Me Services“ etc.

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