Santosh ChoudharySantosh Choudhary asked 1 year ago
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RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

A professional accountant in public practice should take reasonable steps to identify circumstances that could pose a conflict of interest. Such circumstances may give rise to threats to compliance with the fundamental principles.

A Professional Accountant should evaluate the significance of any threats. Depending upon the circumstances giving rise to the conflict, safeguards should ordinarily include notifying the client activities that may represent a conflict of interest /notifying all known relevant parties where the professional accountant is acting for two or more parties in respect of a matter, giving rise to conflict of interest and obtaining their consent in such circumstances.

The additional safeguards e.g. the use of separate engagement teams, clear guidelines for members of the engagement team on issues of security and confidentiality, regular review of the application of safeguards by a senior individual not involved with relevant client engagements should also be considered.

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