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DharaDhara asked 4 years ago

1] What if CA is a partner , must he have COP ? if not ,can he represent other employees?
2] If a CA is doing job and want give CA services side by side to his personal clients, should he have COP?
3] what is the meaning of knowledge partner ?

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 4 years ago

— to become partner in ca firm COP is must F1 P1 Cl4
— ca employee can represent company and company matters is fine
— representing personal cases of employee is not allowed you need cop
— representing other company employees is also not allowed you need COP
— yes for giving services to client cop is must
— it is term used in business community to acknowledge , give respect to people who stood as advisors to a particular even / programme , just like media partner gives publicity these guys give advisory

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