In this question ask various audit procedures to obtain audit evidence. but answer is given inspection,observation,confirmation,recalculation,reperformance,analytical procedure and enquiry.
but audit procedures to compliance procedure and substantive procedure hota h

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Ravi Staff September 28, 2017

Agreed proper question should have been what are methods of collecting audit evidence , which is given in SA 500
now that is why pm is must, some questions are ill drafted , so after analysing such questions we have to amend our intelligence that icai wants to ask us methods of collecting audit evidence
when they say response to risk / further audit procedures or in other contexts it should mean test of controls and substantive procedures
we have to live with such discrepancies, mark them and ensure that you revise it day before exams so that you are fresh when you deal with such questions 

Audit Staff September 28, 2017

but sir if in exam question asked what are the audit procedures for collecting audit evidence. to sir kasa pta chalaga ki question pm ka h question to khi or sa bhi ho sakta h. sir please koi trick btaiya iss is question ka liya

Ravi Staff September 29, 2017

Specify Test of Controls & Substantive Procedures and then remaining methods of collecting evidence 

Audit Staff September 30, 2017

Kk sir thanks alot sir..


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