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Sir, What is the difference between details to be reported in form no. IEPF 2 and IEPF 6? Is the period in respect of which data is to be given different for these forms? Can you explain this with an example?

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RaviRavi Staff answered 7 months ago

(Filed within 90 days of AGM) IEPF-2– For reporting of unclaimed amounts of dividend for the last 7 years including the dividend remained unclaimed & thereby transferred to unpaid dividend account as declared in current AGM.
(Filed within 30 days from 31st March) IEPF-6– For stating therein the amounts due to be transferred to the Fund in the next financial year.
So in IEPF 2 we report amount unclaimed and unpaid for current year and also for past 7 years.
In IEPF 6 we report amounts which will be completing 7 years next year and which will need transfer

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