inquire of management(1)whether there have been any developments regarding contingencies(2)whether there have been any developments regarding risk areas and contingencies. (3)whether any unusual accounting adjustments have been made or are contemplated.(4)whether any events have occurred that are relevant to the recoverability of assets. ..plz sir explain this 4 point..

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Ravi Staff May 8, 2017

we have to do inquiry whether there are subsequent events, inquiry points as subsequent events as per IFRS and not AS so difficult to understand.
below is short cut to remember all shortcut points.
Inquiry with Management
(Asset Side)
Sales or acquisitions occurred or planned / Assets appropriated by government or destroyed / Events which affects recoverability of assets (Government bans product of particular size)
(Liability Side)
New commitments, borrowings or guarantees / New issue of shares or debentures / agreement to merge or liquidate / Development regarding contingencies
Any event which questions appropriateness of accounting policy Eg Going Concern or Carrying Investments at Cost / Affects measurement of provisions or estimates / Unusual accounting Adjustment


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