Aman GargAman Garg asked 2 years ago

There is past case of Other Misconduct as per First Schedule Part –IV Clause 2 if there is inappropriate behaviour of candidate in “elections”. (Page 20.38 – Slide 149 – CASE 3)
Example: (Offering bribe, discussion about caste & religion)
The word “elections” is quite vague. There could be few contentious points to this issue.
Will this term “elections” refers only to Central/Regional council election of ICAI or will extend to General Elections i.e Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha elections as well since in current cabinet, there few CA’s who are holding public office of MP.
If in case (Hypothetical case) such CA’s are found in violation of this regulation/clause, will ICAI hold them in contempt or not.
If this question comes in exam what could be our probable answer??

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RaviRavi Staff answered 2 years ago

Here elections, refer to CA elections.
Further if CA is contesting for MP / MLA seats, if he contravenes rules of election commission, then it can be covered in other misconduct also, but  there is no such case in past.

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