i saw your latest video on gst , i have doubt on rtp Q19(a)

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Ravi Staff March 29, 2019

please see this video on youtube and if you have any doubt please elaborate the same


I eloborated it earlier but i dont know why it was not showing up here in this post or question … so i again i asks you … the answer given in rtp Q19(a) is seem to me ambiguous at refering to apointed date(1.06.2017) … as per cgst act, appoint date is the date on which gst come into effect which is 1july2017 … it should be 1.07.2017 …. so, why 1.06.2017 is given there …plz clearify on that sir plz …. thanks …

Ravi Staff March 30, 2019

now this is on interpretation of law
i feel we should follow view taken by RTP in this exceptional circumstances when transaction originated in service tax and concluded in GST
i dont know any case law / notification etc on this matter
and RTP view and date selection is logical also


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