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Abhinav RellanAbhinav Rellan asked 3 years ago

I have seen your audit classes on video.
Now, I am going to start from your books. So, for example, in PE, you have taught in your classes from your charts and slides… which are obviously there in the books also.
However, after those charts, you have also given in plain text book form – similarly with other chapters also.
So, for me to study, should I study from the charts/slides, or from the textbook plain form, or both ?

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 3 years ago

Study charts and key to remember given at various places , and cover pm questions using pm analysis file on, please also read below query

HI SIR, would you be sharing any sunmary notes for audit because we wouldnt have the privilage to visit your summary classes. That would be of great help to cover this vast portion. Thanks

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