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Harsh JaroliHarsh Jaroli asked 1 year ago

Sir it is very difficult to remember SA as I go through video lectures of SA series 700,600,300,400,500
Also their is not many quick recap charts like which are in some SA’s

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

First use ABC Analysis to identify important topics focus more on them. This will reduce load you can take only overview of C category topics.
Second we given how to remember technique for almost every concept unless it’s staright forward, use them.
Third Repeated , cumulative overviews of topics can only make you comfortable
Fourth Overall charts may not be very useful in exams as question never asks overall content , they want one concept in detail with all factors and overall chart may not cover it.
Fifth –. Use over super revision videos. We released it for our students this attempt in secured form, it is expected that we will issue it for our students for coming attempts also
Sixth — We will incorporate May 19 paper and release question bank in June, practicing questions will make you more comfortable
Seventh — You can make your owns small audios for revision purpose.

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