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Sagar Goyal GoyalSagar Goyal Goyal asked 1 year ago

Dear Sir
I am Sagar Goyal, cleared second group recently, and my final exams are due in May 19. I am taking 2 classes with office and this is my schedule.
I wake up early at 4 in the morning, get ready and go to the morning class (6:30-10:30). After class I reach office then again second class in the evening and then I came back home at around 11 pm. No self study time, highly frustrated, sleep deprivation, No homework. 
Sir please advice me what to do?

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RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

i understand you cleared your 2nd group late and you are in hast about ca final, majority students do this and this is where root of all problems exist.
dont be in haste, agar ca mein jaldi karogein toh aur latein hoga.
do one class at a time, class without self study is waste, you also need to revise what you have covered earlier.
to do classes both the times is bad idea, i will suggest go for one group , do one class at time, study indepth with Q&A practice and revise regularly.
give me a call in evening between 7 to 7:30 pm on 9096000033 or 7020699683

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