Surendra DagaSurendra Daga asked 3 years ago
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RaviRavi Staff answered 3 years ago

Hello Surendra following are certain tips for revising
1. Always revise from book which you have used for regular studies, any other material can be used for specific topics selectively
2. Prof Ethics / Company Audit can be revised using PPTs in notes
3. For SAs and Other topics. i have given, key to remember, charts , shortcuts for all bulky and important topics, use it.
4. For selective topics which you find difficult i will suggest prepare your own short notes (only few of them which you find difficult)
5. Prepare register for summary, after completing each chapter , allocate one page in register. Write sequence of concepts, mark concepts as EASY where oral revision is sufficient , mark MEDIUM where you need 2 times revision with shortcuts and “Challenging” where you need to read line by line.
Also mention PM and other questions important for revision on same page and practice and refine revision strategy.
I will try to provide summary of RTP. Some short notes are available on

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