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Piyush tandonpiyush tandon asked 1 year ago

[14/07, 14:23] Piyush Tandon: Hello sir,This is piyush Tandon from jalandhar punjab.I gave ca final exams group 1 exams on july 2021.Audit paper not goes well.I watched your analysis as well.I purchased your books in sep-Oct .Updated with nov 2020 as well may 2021 amendmentsHaving your audit bhaskar and param.I tried to complete all books in this attempt but not able to do it completely.Whether we have to study questions of study material questions separately or it is covered in param book.So give me complete guide on audit.Thankyou[14/07, 14:27] Piyush Tandon: One general doubtI gave 1 group of ca final this time .FR,SFM,LAW paper is good but somewhere lacking in audit.I have not taken any class of ca final group 2 Whether I continue my preparations for grp 1 and improve my grp 1 or go for group 2 as well.As next attempt is in November 2021 so having only 3 months in hand Thankyou

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

see amendment pdf for bhaskar as well as param
we have uploaded it on telegram channel
you can also get it on
it covers all questions of study material
you can call me between 2 to 2:30 for further discussion

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