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Nikhil asked 1 year ago

Can anyone plz clear these doubts …
DOUBT 1 : Can i order …for special classes of ravi taori sir only …like just for SA ‘s only …
DOUBT 2 : ..i have ordered for param books ….but if i order for the classes again …i will get the books again …which i dont want …so is there any way out ?
DOUBT 3 : where can i find the audio revisions of sir ..?

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

We dont provide topic wise or part wise classes, so as to keep operations simple, further it is advisable that student studies everything in detail, studying only SAs or particular topic is not sufficient to score and clear exams.

we provide classes with physical books also, you will get things in soft copy, no hard copy at all. there is no option to exclude particular book only, either it is with books or without, you can get books for ca final from this link

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