G while applying for cop dint fill columns which solicitt info abt his engagement in othet occupation or business, while he indeed engaged in business. Comment as per act. Sir pls mention which clause applicable. Should we also write abt AS 13 review considering he must be in investment business?

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Ravi Staff April 24, 2018

First of all AS 13 is not relevant, you wanted to write something else i guess
Further he is not giving information asked by icai through its forms 
so if is not replying / giving response as required by icai 
he will be guilty for not replying / no response to instructions given by icai under clause 2 / part III / first schedule 
same thing is given in PM as well 
one may get little confused and may apply false information clause of second schedule, but they have covered it in no reply rather than false information

Ravi Staff April 24, 2018

applying clause of no reply and no response of first schedule is appropriate as they have clearly written columns left blank
if he would have written not involved in any other business or occupation, it would lead to false information under second schedule 


Sir but if we assume they have submitted and left it blank that means they dint wanna give that Information leading it to be false information correct ?? 

Ravi Staff April 25, 2018

lets go by what pm / icai has done, they have considered — keeping blank as no information rather than false information


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