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a asked 1 year ago

Dear Respected Sir,
must consider the below listed high potential improvement points before finalizing FADU for print.. —
Issue1 – separate price will be charged for 2nd edition??
Issue2 – remaining 25% chapters before nov21 paper? have to appear both groups in nov21, it would be a big help if u could fully concentrate on completing remaining 25% chapters first?
Issue3 – please go with large font size otherwise it just looks like big mess in those 1.5 days.. we all can surely pay more..
Issue4 – no watermark please sir.., its highly irritating..
Issue5 – must insert PE, an essential chapter 
Issue6 – sir u are dispatching it too late, i hv both groups in nov21.. at least provide soft copy to all those who have already purchased FADU..
Issue7 – sir what about revision video as per FADU.. will they come in time for nov21?
Yours sincerely
Please and thankyou

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

— 299 is only for this addition.
— will try to give soft copies as we complete them.
— dispatch will start soon, may be in next 4-5 days.
— font size is increased.
— watermark is extremely light.
— we are working on PE
— partial soft copy will be issued soon.
— cannot commit, but we are thinking about it.

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