extent of reliance on analytical procedure m kya likhna h?? Ca ipcc

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Ravi Staff March 20, 2017

Ch3 Q27b– Question should be factors affecting reliability of data in analytical procedures. question not properly drafted
Ch6 Q12b– this question deals with whether to rely more on analytical procedures or test of details.
Whether to rely on Analytical procedure or Test of Details. RO-MAT
R-Risk / O-Other Audit Procedures / M-Materiality / A-Accuracy of expected results / T-Test of Controls

Audit Staff March 20, 2017

is ques m hum reliability of data(in auditor procedure) wale point nhi likh skte?

Ravi Staff March 20, 2017

no reliability of data is SA 500 question
reliability of data for analytical procedure is sa 520 question
and contents are different


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