Abhishek PanegalAbhishek Panegal asked 4 months ago

Dear Sir,
In this question it is  mentioned that ‘request for empanelment is permissible’ however I have taken your module it says roving inquiry is solicitation..kindly clarify as to whether it is allowed?

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RaviRavi Staff answered 4 months ago

Roving Inquiry means applying without verifying whether there is requirement or panel maintained by authority.
Empanelment where CA is aware about panel is not guilty.
These are 2 separate points, below are 2 separate points from our book
Roving Inquiry Circular
It is not permissible for a member to address letters or circulars to
persons who are likely to require services of a Chartered Accountant since it would tantamount to advertisement.
Applying for empanelment
–> CA can apply if he has information regarding existence of panel.
–> Mention fees (only if asked
–>  No cyclostated (pre-printed) copies of fees

RaviRavi Staff replied 4 months ago

You can again see that part of lecture using tags provided

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