Jainesh KothariJainesh Kothari asked 2 years ago

Differentiate between efficiency audit,economy audit  and effectiveness audit??  

3 Answers
Auditaudit Staff answered 2 years ago

Performance audit k types h ye toh

Auditaudit Staff answered 2 years ago

Efficiency me hum cost benefit analysis dekhenge
Economy me hm procurement of Raw materials spares etc. 
Effective me hm jo kaam h vo Shi samay pr ho Ra h kya aur his purpose k liye pese use krne te Usme use hui kya

RaviRavi Staff answered 2 years ago

Economical —- to check whether resources are aquired at lowest possible prices and in appropriate quantity (not in excess)
Effcicency —- to check utilisation of resources , whether productivity is good, to check input output ratio , final product product per kg of raw material and per labour and per machine should be maximum 
Effectivness — Quality of Product / Usability of Product / Durability / Time involved in producing and Delivery is checked 

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