Sarthak KhannaSarthak Khanna asked 2 years ago

And sir what is the diff. b/w clause 5 & 6 of first schedule part-1 ? & where can i find a question of clause 5 of first sch.

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Auditaudit Staff answered 1 year ago

Correct 🙂 will rectify that
clause 5 says for prospective client meetings and discussions from firm either partner or employee can go— firm cannot keep agents and they should use ethical means to get work
clause 6 restricts soliciting (attracting / ask for work) through advertisements / circulars / personal communication /  public interviews / other means
clause 6 says you cannot go and ask for work
when client has called or approached for work then as per clause 5 limited people can go and convince client for work
Below are cases of professional misconduct (all guilty) from our notes

1. CA appointed agents on commission basis to obtain accountancy work, is it professionally correct ?

  1. CA used coercion to obtain audit ?

    3. CA took loan of Rs 3,00,000 from bank, didn’t repay and then offered to give professional services of same amount.

4. CA bribes government officials to obtain government work ?

5. CA identifies mistakes in financial statement & demands more work to hide it.

6. CA hacks government website to get registered early and obtain audits of government company

Auditaudit Staff answered 1 year ago

above cases are only for clause 5

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