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SiddharthSiddharth asked 7 months ago

hlo sir …m ca inter student…my attempt was nov 20 but I decided to give in may 21 but couldn’t give dud to COVID ..and gave in dec 21 but flunked. …sir till now not able to complete my classes completely bcz everytime I change faculties frequently and lot of money has been wasted. So I decided to give now both groups in nov 22 but still I have a lot of classes pending Accounts – 38 lectures of 2 hours each Law – 130 hours Costing –  78 lectures of 2 hours each Tax – 90 lectures of 2 to 2.5 hours Advance accounts- 55 lectures of 2 hours each Audit – 60 lectures of 2 hours each Eis sm – 52 lectures of 2 hours each Fm eco – 76 lectures of 2 hours each I have both group exams in nov 22 attempt Pls guide how to complete these lectures How much should I watch per day How many months should I give for self revision before exams….pls guide …m very demotivated.. m very depressed I don’t know what to do now …pls help 🙏

2 Answers

As per my analysis and experience i would recommend you to go with single group only. Complete all your coachings of one group by july end.(Complete At least 1.5 subject first reading by july end along with classes) and 3 Months extensively concentrate on revision and Mock Tests Forget whatever had happened in past because we cannot change the past the only thing we can do is concentrate on present for better future. Also Make A SWOT Analysis on your own and plan Accordingly. Never loose hope Great things take time All the very best

RaviRavi Staff answered 6 months ago

Siddhart call me on 9096000033 or 7020699683 between 8 to 8:30 Pm

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