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Lalit Kumar asked 1 year ago

Query – Dear sir, you said in the answer of a query 50 Final MCQ (link of answer – 
that company will need 3CB for both year’s for 20-21 & 21-22 , as option C
But as per answer given by ICAI, correct answer is option D , where they mentioned that company will have to file 3CB for year 20-21 and 3CA for year 21-22.
Please clarify.

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

i have given reason in that link
if audit report received in other law is not from 1st april to 31st march as required in income tax audit
it is of no use
we need to again perform audit from 1st april to 31st march
they are giving AR from 15th Feb 21 to 31st March 22

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