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Adaesh JainAdaesh Jain asked 1 year ago

sir in sec. 141(3) disqualification of auditor….
you say in case of indebtedness all partner ka mila Ke 5 lacs in all company..
To. Agar 5 company ka audit hai aur 4 partner hai to, 4 partner ke 5 company me mila ke 5 lacs dakhange . If exceed then disqualify….?

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

for particular group of companies it will be 5,00,000 in totality 
if we are doing audit of reliance, firm will have limit of 5,00,000 towards reliance group of companies
there will be separate limit of 5,00,000 towards tata group of companies 

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