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Mihir Prasad Bal asked 1 year ago

In clause 11, general permission is granted to conduct Agricultural activities along with practicing as a CA. 
The wording given there is OWNING AND CONDUCTING AGRICULTURAL ACTIVITIES. So, as per literal interpretation the land on which CAiP will carry should be owned by him. What if it is not owned by him?
E.g. Land is owned by his uncle.
P.S. – I know Ravi Sir has told us to not give too much stress on interpreting clauses word by word. But I’m still asking this doubt as a general curiosity.

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

i will say that owning land by CAIP himself or his family members will be fine.
we will need to be little reasonable 
literally speaking if he is not owner he wont get general permission 
so we have 2 interpretations reasonable or literal
in practical world, it would be easier to endorse reasonable interpretation in court of law
in exams if they target this write both

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