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SamanSaman asked 1 year ago

There is a case when auditor Mr.A u/s 139(5) is appointed in AGM for 5 years but after his appointment he dies on fisrt day only becoz of which casual vacancy creates and sec139(8) atttracts and bod fills such vacancy within 30 days and appoints Mr.B as new auditor till AGM in AGM Mr.B again reappointed as new auditor for 5 years.Is his appointment gets disqualified as his appointment total term is 6 years becoz of casual vacancy which is to be 5 years only as per sec 139(2)

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 12 months ago

Refer below link for answer

– Team AG

SAYED AYESHASAYED AYESHA replied 12 months ago

So that means ki even agar woh 1 term lia as a casual vacancy pr tha. Then 5 year lia appoint ho jata h toh. There is no issue

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