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UTSAV SHAHUTSAV SHAH asked 1 year ago

In CNO 655.100 There is a contravention of sec.6 of CA ACT 1949 on account of issuing certificate of consumption without holding COP Hence sec.6 contravention attracts as well as sec.24-28D of chapter-VII of CA ACT-1949 because in that CA but not COP claims to have COP or does CA Practice will be fined for first time ₹1000. Hence i would think that this sec 24-28D shall also be form part of answer, is it viable to include or not ?

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

Whenever there is a non-compliance of CA Act or there is a professional conduct under any clause, fines get attracted.
We are not suppose to mention the fines till the time they asked for it. This has been pattern of ICAI over the years.

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