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Srujan Shah asked 10 months ago

Hi sir. Can you suggest any pattern/flow to remember CNO 604.01

2 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 10 months ago

Sorry i was little busy with other work, will try to answer queries today, please keep asking your queries, we will answer in 24 hours

RaviRavi Staff answered 10 months ago

(Logical Background)
There are 2 committees, Public Accounts Committee and  Committee on Public Sector Undertakings which  read, study reports of CAG on government department and government corporations and then ask for explanations from ministries.  
Now answer
(Intro same as question)
The Comptroller & Auditor General of India plays a key role in the functioning of the financial committees of Parliament and the State Legislatures. He has come to be recognized as a ‘friend, philosopher and guide’ of the Committees.

Step 1:- Reports of CAG are discussed in Financial Committees & Questions are asked to ministries 
His Reports generally form the basis of the Committees’ working, although they are not precluded from examining issues not brought out in his Reports;
Step 2:- Replies from ministries are received and CAG checks correctness of replies and helps committees to understand there replies  
He scrutinizes the notes which the Ministries submit to the Committees and helps the Committees to check the correctness of submissions to the Committees and facts and figures in their draft reports;

Step 3:- Committees   send there reports to parliament 
The Financial Committees present their Report to the Parliament/ State Legislature with their observations and recommendations.

Step 4:- Ministers has to submit action taken report to parliament as per recommendations of committees 
The various Ministries / Department of the Government are required to inform the Committees of the action taken by them on the recommendations of the Committees (which are generally accepted) and the Committees present Action Taken Reports to Parliament / Legislature;
Extra Points
(Treatment of Confidential Audit Reports)
In respect of those Audit Reports, which could not be discussed in detail by the Committees, written answers are obtained from the Department / Ministry concerned and are sometimes incorporated in the Reports presented to the Parliament / State Legislature.

(Because of these committees government doesnt take CAG reports lightly)
This ensures that the Audit Reports are not taken lightly by the Government, even if the entire report is not deliberated upon by the Committee.

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