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Shraddha Sharma asked 1 year ago

Hello sir, 
              Can u please tell me the difference between them as they look quite similar but answers are different which one to write. 

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

Question of KRP Ltd
has 2 elements 
1st it has concept of evaluation of work of expert covered under SA 620

2nd it has concept of making separate audit report if there is difference of opinion as per SA 299

earlier icai used to answer this question as per SA 299 but now in recent modules / rtp / mtp it is answered as per SA 620, they are completely ignoring SA 299, i would suggest to answer it as per SA 620 and then also explain SA 299

further 27.100 focuses on no division of work by joint auditor’s which is different concept altogether  

i am finding it difficult to understand how both focus on same concept, same SA 299 can be understood

Sourabh MittalSourabh Mittal replied 1 year ago

in such cases can we generalize/cut shot our answers because requirements of both the standard is different, as explaining both the standard will increase the content n length of answer.

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