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SHIVAM GAURSHIVAM GAUR asked 10 months ago

Sir Do Conditional Acceptance Applicable in case of Government Audit only ?

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 10 months ago

Under clause 8 auditor is suppose to wait for reasonable time after sending communication to previous auditor.
ICAI issued clarification that if there is tight time schedule, send communication to previous auditor, dont wait for reply, send conditional acceptance to client specifying that it is subject to reply received from previous auditor.
 Now this clarification was issued for government audit, but they have not restricted its application to other cases, it is reasonable to apply it in other cases also. There is no strong reason why others should not get this advantage. So its debatable, if in exam it is asked you should clearly specify what clarification says and explain as per literal interpretation it is only for government audit and as per reasonable interpretation it is for others also.  

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