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Devyani Srivastava asked 1 year ago

Question:Can ca in practice in India enter into partnership with member of ICAEW where the partnership provides that members concerned take the profits in their own countries.
Solution gien in book firstly states that person qualified from any of the four institute in UK including England & Walves won’t be entitled to be member of our institute as per resolution passed in December 8 1995
Base on this development partnership with members of above professional body will not be permitted from above date.
Then later part of answer states even a ca from ICAEW who was eligible to become member of institute, the profit sharing arrangement stated in question goes against the provision of clause 4 hence guilty.
Please explain this answer sir.

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

please share question you are referring to
as on today neither sharing of fees nor partnership is allowed with foreign professionals
if they fulfil MOU / MRA conditions become CAs in India, then both will be allowed 

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