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Bhrigu Arora asked 1 year ago

What if a CA in practice is held guilty of professional misconduct under clause 2 part I Second schedule and that also means shows his negligence under clause 7 part I Second schedule, so how do we write the answer, i.e. do we write about clause 2 and then clause 7 or vice versa?

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

You can have this as thumb rule, it is a unique situation where 3 clauses can be applied, ICAI has done this repeatedly in there answers. Some times ICAI answers miss out 1 or 2 clauses but we can remain consistent.
whenever you see a case that certificate or report is issued with out performing proper examination or audit work is not done on some financial items you can apply these 3 clauses of second schedule part I
clause 2 — No proper review
clause 7 — Gross Negligence 
clause 8 — Not obtaining sufficient & appropriate evidence

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