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Atul Goyal asked 1 year ago

In specific permission activities there is point regarding tutorship in any educational institution other than ICAI. Does it include lectureship in college. i.e. Is tutorship and lectureship bears the same meaning in the CA Act. 

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

General Permission
— Private tutorship (Teaching few students at home or office without any organisation or brand)
— Part-time tutorship under the Coaching Organisation of the Institute (Under coaching programme of ICAI)
Specific Permission
— Part-time or full-time lecturership for courses other than those relating to the Institute’s examination conducted under the auspices (help / support) of the Institute or the Regional Councils or their branches. (It is not a course by ICAI but it is happening with help support of ICAI)
— Part-time or full-time tutorship under any educational institution other than the Coaching Organisation of the Institute (ICAI not involved)
Lecturership Vs Tutorship
Lecturership (junior) / Professorship (senior) means giving formal education for a course in schools / colleges / institutes who established these courses.
Tutoriship means teaching other than formal education given in schools / colleges etc or which is given to support distance education, basically coaching in our regular language.
Lecturership is allowed with permission provided icai is involved. Not allowed if icai is not involved and permission is must.
Small Scale — Private tutorship — general permission
Bigger Scale — tutorship under other organisation — specific permission
Teaching with icai — general permission

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