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Vismay ShahVismay Shah asked 3 years ago

“Mr. S , a CA in practice published a book and mentioned his professional experience and firm name in book.”
So here, in practice manual question, icai has considered it as misconduct under clause 6 keeping in view “Firm name in book”. But what about he also mentioned professional experience and by doing so he also advertised his professional attainments. So can it be covered in clause 7 also? 

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 3 years ago

in professional ethics if case is related to clarifications issued under particular class, then only that clause need to be referred if you have see our videos we have explained pattern of questions and how to answer them throughout professional ethics chapter so in this case as this clarification is issued under clause 6 apply only that dont treat professional ethics like DT or IDT see whether cases are related to particular clarifications 

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