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Rizwaan Khan asked 1 month ago

Sir Casual vancany ka topic chlra tha aapne ek example dia tha ki 1 June ko hne auditor appoint kia 5 taarik ko use pta lga ki uske relative ne 5 lakks k shares lie hue h to vo 1 taarik ko hi disqualify ho gya tha… Ye Casual vancany ka case nhi bna.. but fir aapne kha ki agr relatives corrective actions leke share 1 lakhs tk le aae to vo firse qualify ho jaea but sir corrective actions toh hm date of acquisition se dekhte hh.. or usne to 10 saal pehle lie hue the to vo to ab Corrective actions le hi ni paega..yei doubt h bs

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 month ago

Yes your interpretation is correct. First i said that shares are acquired 10 years back. In this case corrective actions not possible.
Then i modified the example and said that if purchase is done few days back then there is option to take corrective action and avoid disqualification

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