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Prakash asked 1 year ago

Can CA in practice mention his firm name in interviews on Tv or public platforms ???
I have seen many CAs are disclosing that their firm names in public interviews.can they do so ???
And The most interesting  and best part of this question  is recently  in the state of Andhra pradesh in vijayawada  town Vijayawada  branch of ICAI has conducted a virtual  seminar on practical aspects of GST and return filings.They have invited a practicing  CA .The honorable  cbairman of SIRC of vijayawada  branch has introduced the CA to audience and also he has very clearly stated that particular  CA is a partner in some firm and he has also mentioned the name of the firm . And later on that seminar was uploaded on youtube as well.can the honorable  chairman do so ??? What are the consequences ???? 

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

Name of CA Firm is allowed in TV / Radio Interview
Name of CA Firm can come in credits of Movie or TV show, just like other credits, if they are helping in movie production
Name of CA Firm should not come only because partner is working as actor or any other post in TV / Film / Radio
Now in your case if it was a interview name of firm is allowed, if it was not interview it is not allowed, person whose firm name was taken will be guilty, academically it is misconduct but practically it is very small thing to complain  

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